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The producers of The Roy Orbison Story are proud to present a brand-new production as Barry Steele and a cast of fabulous singers and musicians explore the back catalogue of some of the most iconic artistes of the late 80s, collectively they were known as The Traveling Wilburys, but individually they were each as famous and talented  as the other.

With Barry Steele at the helm, you are  promised a sensational evening of solid gold rock and pop as the cast from the award winning ‘Roy Orbison Story’ chart the phenomenal journey made by these five extraordinary men. From The iconic ‘Black and White Special’ to ‘The traveling Wilburys’, the production will perform ‘Two fantastic concerts in one great night’.

With high production values, 4K projection, a fabulous cast and of course the voice of Barry Steele, this is without doubt a show not to miss!