Meet the people who make the magic happen.

The cast of The Roy Orbison Story


Boogie Williams 

Keys and Vocals 

Barney (Aka Boogie) was a founder member of the Milltown Brothers - a sixties-inspired group who were signed to A&M Records in the
the early nineties.

With the Milltown Brothers, he released two albums and several singles enjoying chart success and touring extensively across Europe, America, Canada, and Japan.

Since leaving the band, he has continued to work as a musician, playing both live and in the studio for many different acts at venues such as Glastonbury Festival and Wembley Arena as well as on recordings for both independent and major labels.

Barney joined Barry Steele and Friends in 2010 and continues to delight audiences with his fabulous keyboard and vocal skills.

Likes: Beer & Wine.

Favourite saying: ‘Up The Clarets’ 


Alan Whitham 

Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Bassist Alan Whitham joined the show in 2011, after working for several years as head of music at Nelson and Colne College in Lancashire.

Alan enjoyed a brief success in the early 2000s with rock group Transelement, receiving rave
reviews in the NME as well as extensive airplay on Radio one’s John Peel show.

After completing his music degree, he entered a career in teaching and It was during this time he met our former drummer Richard Young.

The pair formed the rhythm section of the Neil C Young trio, playing instrumental jazz at venues and festivals across the UK and beyond. The Trio has earned glowing reviews from several music publications, including the Jazz Times, and was nominated for and won a Grammy award for the best instrumental album in 2012.




Vocals and Lead Guitar

Shane lives in Stourbridge (West Midlands)
and has been playing guitar since he was eight years old.

Over the years he has worked as both a session musician and producer and was the lead
guitarist for Don Fardon when EMI relaunched his career in the early 90s.

Shane joined the show in 2015 and has been heavily involved in the change of musical direction the show has recently undertaken.

With his expertise, the show is climbing and continuing to change and adapt to a more contemporary feel.

Hobbies: Recording, songwriting, walking the dog.

Likes: Chocolate, ice cream, anything with cheese in it

Dislikes: people who drive in the middle lane.




Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Robert ‘coyote’ Grove is an experienced Black Country-based guitar player with his roots firmly In rock ‘n’ roll and 60s music.

He is a music graduate of the prestigious Dartington College of Arts in Totnes, Devon. Here he achieved a degree with honours in music composition.

He has played in numerous bands and shows of different genres, but his favourite will always be rock ‘n’ roll.

Robert is also a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer who under the name ’coyote grove’ released his first album in 2018 to glowing reviews.

Rob joined the show in 2019 and is looking forward to returning to touring with the show.

Fav food - balti 

Fav drink - chai latte 

Fav artist- George Harrison 





Liam Bridgen is a Willenhall-based Drummer whose eclectic music interests range from his bread and butter, Rock/Metal to Neo-Soul, RnB, and Jazz.

He graduated from The British Institute of Modern Music in 2018. During his time in London he played for the likes of X-Factor and Motown The Musicals Nate Simpson, many RnB artists under 6ixFigureMusic, numerous studio sessions, Pantomimes and played in front of thousands of people. Since returning to Willenhall following the covid pandemic, he is now keeping up with the online demand for remote drum tracking, managing wedding bands, and setting up his themed event nights.

Liam is our newest recruit and is looking forward to touring with the show in 2021. 


The Crew

Chris Steele - Dean Millward - Ethan Cooper - Matt Haylett

To ensure that patrons always enjoy the same excellent level of performance LMS have invested heavily in their own quality lighting, sound equipment, and logistics. This ensures a continuity of service to our venues and patrons and provides an excellent and positive experience regardless of the size of the venue or how rural or small that theatre/concert hall may be.

Effectively we are a self-contained theatre show. We have always invested in our production and many of our freelancers have been with us for over ten years. Every show is fully live, with no vocal or musical enhancements or click tracks whatsoever.

All the sound, lighting, and AV equipment is owned solely by LMS Worldwide, and we do not execute our sound from the side of the stage or via laptop. 

The Crew works hard before the cast arrives with the backline, usually, they arrive well before the cast and they leave well after the cast has left.  

Our crew are our unsung heroes. 




Producer and Promoter 

Lynne promotes and books all our shows into theatres in the UK and works closely with other promoters in Europe. She is also our Webmaster, photographer, accountant, tour manager, and merchandise organiser. She was Barry's sound engineer when he was still doing solo shows. 

After changing schools eleven times as a child Lynne achieved her PinS accreditation as part of her training to be a Fraud Investigator. She also returned to study in adulthood and successfully sat her exams in maths GCSE and English A-Level. To help her promote the show she completed college courses at night school in photography and the Adobe Suite. 

Lynne is registered disabled as she is profoundly deaf, which is why she is keenly aware of the importance of having excellent lighting and visuals, as well as sound. It is also one of the reasons she tends to stay in the background at venues as like most people with hearing loss, being in crowds can be problematic. 

During the lockdown, Lynne is proud to have fulfilled her ambition to write and publish a  book. She also helped to produce Barry's new CD 'Made of Steele.' 

Managers can and do take a lot of the flack, it's all part of the job she has been doing now for over 15 years.  One of her favourite sayings is 'never, ever underestimate a redhead.' 

Lynne is a keen cook and gardener.

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