We are proud to support this charity. 

We are a registered charity called the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation, that was set up to help Veterans with hearing issues generated by military Service and have since grown into a first-class organisation that has fitted over 500 Veterans with top of the range hearing technology from all branches of the Armed Forces. Since the concept of UK Veterans Hearing Help over 3 years ago, our outreach has grown.

The UK Veteran Hearing Foundation is a Charity that sprung to life in March of 2020 with the sole goal and purpose to improve the lives of thousands of veterans that are in dire need of hearing aids. This then started to branch off into Tinnitus support and consequently mental health support; isolation and loneliness is a very common problem for Veterans that are hard of hearing and we believe no-one should have to suffer in silence.

As a charity it is now our mission to not only continue to gather funding to support veterans worldwide with their hearing, but also to support with the associated conditions of tinnitus and mental health issues.

Any surplus is invested into these much-needed causes, by taking them down pathways that are in place such as mindfulness meditation courses to support tinnitus and a buddy scheme being available (currently in process) with our partners dealing with these areas, who we have joined together to support Veterans and their needs.

This helps to reduce the additional pressure from hearing loss and the associated mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness, and social avoidance.

Furthermore, we utilise independent reputable Audiologists throughout the UK to take each individual through their journey of a better way of life and, more importantly provide top of the range hearing devices at no cost to them, with a superb aftercare service for the Veterans.

We have some fantastic success stories to share with you all.  

The charity is working extremely hard to source funding in all ways possible, we have our “Sponsor a Veteran” scheme we have also been able to fit more individuals with this.

The charity has now launched our very own online charity shop! Featuring all things event wear. Amazing gowns, suits, cocktail dresses, and much more preloved and generously donated items from our community. All money raised goes into helping Veterans with their hearing, tinnitus, and mental health.


Our top aim is for the Veteran to excel in their civilian career and forge ahead with their new civilian life after serving their country so well.